1955 N. Bustle Creek Rd., Alta, WY 83414, US

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Purely By Chance Farm

Pasture Raised Meat and Eggs


About Us


Why We Started Farming

We didn't want to serve as guinea pigs for Monsanto. We wanted to get away from GMO's, and a chemical based farming system.


We Decided to Opt Out

We wanted to raise food that respects the animals.  In Joel Salatin's words, "We honor the chicken-ness of the chicken and the pig-ness of the pig".  It makes for happy animals and we think happy tastes better.


Want some?

  • Whole chicken- bulk or weekly pick up
  • Pork Sausage- Breakfast, Italian, German Brats
  • Turkeys- reserve yours now
  •  Eggs
  • Free Range Zucchini Relish


Why we raise pastured meats.


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About Us

Growing Healthy Foods


Growing in high altitude, with lots of sunshine and fresh water.

Sustainable Practices


Healing the land, respecting the animals.

It just tastes better!


Broiler chickens, turkeys, pork sausage and eggs.

Just Picked

Check out this great video with Chef Eric Wilson and Arden Oksanen in Food Terra, Just Picked Series!


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Watch Chef Eric Wilson part out a chicken!

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Call us for farm tours. 

Andy and Sue Heffron 

Andy- (307) 699-3129

Sue- (208) 351-0421

Purely By Chance Farm

1955 N. Bustle Creek Rd., Alta, WY 83414

(307) 699-3129 or (208) 351-0421

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